Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Neighborly

Mike and I moved into Admiral Heights in August of 2005. Well, I pulled one of those "pay rent for a place my parents can visit and send birthday cards" all the while making Mike's bachelor pad anything but. It was a great situation.

Since that time we have truly enjoyed our residency in AH. However, we had this lingering feeling that there were a lot of friendly folks, close to our age, sharing the similar lifestyles that we had yet to meet. So after five and a half years, we joined forces with the few neighbors that we did know and hosted a AH Happy Hour.

We kept things, wine & Firefly. It was an Open House of sorts with all attendees bringing a variety of eadible treats.

Here are some of the Highlights of the 1st AH HH...

Here is just a sampling of the twins that were in attendence. 4 sets in total, but that is a whole other post

It was a family affair...well at least for a little while

There are many more pictures that cannot be shared, but I will tell you this, keg stands were involved, the little happy hour that could, did. The last guest left post 1:30am and there are in fact a lot of great folks in Admiral Heights.

Hosting a happy hour for your neighbors is great way to make your neighborhood more friendly and meet great people. Host the next HH at your house, Annapolis Social is always up for cocktails!!

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