Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save the Coconuts!!

Coco Blanco, hosted last weekend at the Loews Hotel, was a huge success. We were joined by our friends the Thompson's and Meslar-Watson's. The guests truly had fun with the White in March theme, although I must say, some ladies had to be chilly!

The highlights of the evening were the photoshoot put on by Annapolis Women Photographers and the fact that our little group won the Costa Rica trip in the live auction. WhooHoo!

Big round of applause for the Annapolis Women Photographers. They were a ton of fun!

Sara, t2p & G-Money...Sorry Sara, no nickname!

.....coco nutz!

Thank you Marie & the rest of the Coconuts for such a great night!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Coco Blanco' Hits Annapolis

Friday Night- March 11th! Don't miss out! Join your friends for the Save the Coconuts Fun Ball at the Loews from 7- 11 pm. The 'Coco Blanco' theme encourages attendees to wear all white to the event. You are probably thinking to yourself, it is early March, freezing cold and the last thing I want to wear is white!!! White jeans?? White tunics?? Where can I find anything white this time of year?? Well Star Monograms just got a large spring shipment in and white jeans are in stock!

In addition to fabulous White Pants, Star also has these cuties to choose from....

This is one of my favorites!!


Perfect with white jeans and some fabulous jewelry, which all can be found at Star Monograms!!

Being a local business owner myself, I am all about supporting others who support me. Tucker Thompson of t2p.tv is the MC for the event and also a great friend and loyal customer. If only we could get a babysitter for our 3 cherubs, we would be there!! ~KSS