Monday, June 27, 2011

Eastport a Rockin

This past weekend Kelly, myself and our respective families ventured down to Eastport to partake in the time honored tradition of Easport-a-Rockin.
Jess Pachler, Director and her team of volunteers worked tirelessly to organize, promote and execute yet another truly successful event. In fact, for the first time since I have been attending, there was a line to get into the festival. It may have been the time of day or a testament to its growing popularity.

Mike and I were also joined by newbie Annapolitans/EAR Virgins, Dave Watson & Jennifer Meslar (pictured somewhere on this post). It was great weather, great vendors, great music & an overall great time.

At first we were not psyched to be greeted by this line, but it moved along fairly quickly. Thanks to the fabulous volunteers!

Here are two of my favorites, sadly I didn't get there names, but I do believe the one on the left could take home the Most Dedicated Beer Truck Volunteer Award. He wanted to make sure the beer tasted good before serving it to the innocent public. Thank you safety conscious volunteer!

***New Product and its a Must Try****

Sloop Betty Vodka was being served as the main ingredient to one my new favorite summer drinks, the Moscow Mule. I don't know if it was the Sloop Betty or the bartenders, but my Moscow Mule was potent and I liked it! Sloop Betty can be found at most of the local Liquor Retailers in the area. Check it out and support a local Maryland company.

Did you know...

that Barritt's makes DIET?!?!

Hmm, Skinny Dark & Stormy, I like it!

Our friendly and dedicated bartenders!

Eastport-a-Rockin benefits the Maritime Museum, amongst other Charities

And in closing, this has got to be my most favorite picture of the day

Kelly with her secret lover, Spider Man!

Kelly's Comments: Our family too had a good time at Eastport a Rockin. We drove the boat to Eastport with all three kids and walked to the festival. It was a great! Although I have to be honest and say that I don't think I will bring my children next year. The festival's focus is on the music (which is loud, as it should be) and on the libations. After the moonbounce and a few arts and crafts, there is not much for kids to do. However, if you live downtown or in Eastport and can get your family there with little committment, it is a fun way to spend and hour or two.

Get Neighborly

Mike and I moved into Admiral Heights in August of 2005. Well, I pulled one of those "pay rent for a place my parents can visit and send birthday cards" all the while making Mike's bachelor pad anything but. It was a great situation.

Since that time we have truly enjoyed our residency in AH. However, we had this lingering feeling that there were a lot of friendly folks, close to our age, sharing the similar lifestyles that we had yet to meet. So after five and a half years, we joined forces with the few neighbors that we did know and hosted a AH Happy Hour.

We kept things, wine & Firefly. It was an Open House of sorts with all attendees bringing a variety of eadible treats.

Here are some of the Highlights of the 1st AH HH...

Here is just a sampling of the twins that were in attendence. 4 sets in total, but that is a whole other post

It was a family affair...well at least for a little while

There are many more pictures that cannot be shared, but I will tell you this, keg stands were involved, the little happy hour that could, did. The last guest left post 1:30am and there are in fact a lot of great folks in Admiral Heights.

Hosting a happy hour for your neighbors is great way to make your neighborhood more friendly and meet great people. Host the next HH at your house, Annapolis Social is always up for cocktails!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sly Fox Happy Hour

Join us for Happy Hour at the Sly Fox on Wednesday June 29 from 5 pm - 8pm.

Give back to the community by sippin on cocktails and enjoying appetizers with friends. A portion of your bill from the evening will go towards the United Way of Central Maryland.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Girlfriend's Flower Power Party

A girls night out, a beautiful setting, Oh, and Pacatini's? Don't ask us twice!

Don't you love this invite? The Girlfriends Flower Power Party was hosted by the Annapolis Historic Foundation. Great cause, run by a pretty fantastic group of ladies

As most of the women in attendance, this was our girls night out....It began at Star Monograms for some last minute touches before heading down to the Paca House. Note the fabulous bags (sorry, I can't help myself)

The gardens and the history of the Paca House are truly inspiring for those interested in preservation...a must see if you are visiting Annapolis. Did you know that the property in which the restored Paca House sits, spent many years as a hotel/boarding house and even some time as a gas station?!?! Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Foundation, Annapolis residents and visitors are able to enjoy the grounds as they would have appeared in the 1760's. Well done, William Paca! See friends, there is a use for my Art History degree!!

I digress, back to the purpose of the night...eating, drinking and socializing

First up, eating. Well, at least for me, I was starving and was thrilled to find Sofi's Crepes was the first table offering up yummy snacks.

Mike and I have been fans of Sofi's Crepes ever since I was preggos and developed an intense need for comfort food. The place is awesome and little did I know, they have multiple locations! Baltimore friends, LOOK THEM UP!!

Another great discovery was Bowl of Cherries Catering

This is Barb Duvall, owner, in her adorable Cherry Apron. I really love the whole Cherry theme, it reminds me of my childhood.

Now for the socializing...

It was so nice to go out for a good cause and have the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet so many new ones.

Thank you Annapolis Historic Foundation for such a great event. We are already looking forward to the Pacatini's next year!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!!

Annapolis is a town heaped in tradition. One of our favorites is the celebration of May Day. Today, the Garden Club hosted their 55th Annual May Basket Competition.

The Making of a May Day Basket....courtesy of Mrs. Sara Thompson

First, you want to start with the basket. Try to find one that is unique.

Every May Basket is required to have cut flowers. Go with a nice variety in height, color and texture. However much you think your basket can hold, buy a little more then that.

Soaked Floral Foam is a great for getting perfect stem placement and keeping the flowers hydrated. Wilting on May 2nd is not cool!

Happy May Day!!

Be sure to take a stroll through town to check out this years best. Let us know which you think takes top basket!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Save the Coconuts!!

Coco Blanco, hosted last weekend at the Loews Hotel, was a huge success. We were joined by our friends the Thompson's and Meslar-Watson's. The guests truly had fun with the White in March theme, although I must say, some ladies had to be chilly!

The highlights of the evening were the photoshoot put on by Annapolis Women Photographers and the fact that our little group won the Costa Rica trip in the live auction. WhooHoo!

Big round of applause for the Annapolis Women Photographers. They were a ton of fun!

Sara, t2p & G-Money...Sorry Sara, no nickname!

.....coco nutz!

Thank you Marie & the rest of the Coconuts for such a great night!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'Coco Blanco' Hits Annapolis

Friday Night- March 11th! Don't miss out! Join your friends for the Save the Coconuts Fun Ball at the Loews from 7- 11 pm. The 'Coco Blanco' theme encourages attendees to wear all white to the event. You are probably thinking to yourself, it is early March, freezing cold and the last thing I want to wear is white!!! White jeans?? White tunics?? Where can I find anything white this time of year?? Well Star Monograms just got a large spring shipment in and white jeans are in stock!

In addition to fabulous White Pants, Star also has these cuties to choose from....

This is one of my favorites!!


Perfect with white jeans and some fabulous jewelry, which all can be found at Star Monograms!!

Being a local business owner myself, I am all about supporting others who support me. Tucker Thompson of is the MC for the event and also a great friend and loyal customer. If only we could get a babysitter for our 3 cherubs, we would be there!! ~KSS