Monday, February 28, 2011

The Barn Show

To be honest, the Barn Show and others like it, are just the hidden gems that I would stay tight lipped about. But these days (...cringe, I can't believe I am telling this secret...) where the tiniest business can get a huge jolt from social networking, I feel compelled to do my part. I have spent years scouring antique shops, going to outdoor auctions and even hitting the local garage sale circuit, finding great pieces for remarkable prices.

So wasn't I surprised when the Washington Post reported that there are "Barn Sales" going on all around me?!??! In fact, the Barn Show is in my own backyard. (...Whaaaa?....) How didn't I know this?!?

What is a Barn Sale, you ask? It is basically my dream, if only I lived on major acreage and had a barn. A Barn Sale is a trend brought about by the current economy. Rather then paying for store fronts and staff and all that entails, small businesses are selling fantastic finds out of the barns on their own property. Brilliant!

This past weekend, for those in the know, was the famous "Barn Crawl." All the different Barn-type shoppes throughout the DC Metro-Area were open on the same weekend. This was a result of the Washington Post Article that ran a few weeks ago. Otherwise, these little businesses do not have any other connection.

I wasn't able to make it to Virginia, but I did hit the Barn Show in Gambrills.

This Wood Planktop Industrial table is fantastic. I just wish the entry
to my house wasn't 2x2, so I could fit it. This table was $625!

The Crofton Diner, a little nod to my Husbands roots!

And now to introduce you to the brains behind the operation....

Maria, who couldn't have been nicer. She made me feel very good about my purchases :)

Pam & Gail, who also were very helpful and both working their little tookus' off!

The Barn Show is only open a few times a year and it just so happens that April 1st - 3rd is their next opening. Word has it, it will blow the pants off this past weekend. I will be there with bells on! ~ Gillian


  1. Gillian,

    Thank you so much for coming to our barn show and blogging about us! We're thrilled you liked the barn so much and look forward to seeing you at the spring show!

    Gail + Pam and Maria!
    The Barn Girls

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  3. so how does one find out about the next Barn sale? I would so love to come and see. Also is it one person selling or many?
    Thanks so much